Consumer Loan is the loan provided by banks for short-term and low-level needs in the field of individual use. Types of consumer loans; Types of mortgage-free loans, goods loan, education loan, marriage loan, holiday loan, mortgage loans, vehicle loans.

Property loans are also included in the consumer loan group

Property loans are also included in the consumer loan group

Especially couples who have to buy many items together during the marriage period, university students who have taken home and those who want to renovate their home apply for this loan. Generally, the used credit is mostly short-term and low, so there is no insurance cut and file costs. We can count.

The loan can be obtained from the branches and websites of the banks along with the invoice of the goods, as well as by purchasing products from the stores where the banks are contracted. For example, when you buy a 1500 dollars product from a technology market where X bank is contracted, the bank pays the fee for you, and you pay to the bank according to the credit conditions. Especially with the prohibition of installments on mobile phones, this option has been used too much.

The fact that the loan application can be made and processed

The fact that the loan application can be made and processed

The store has provided incredible convenience to the customers. If you consider the rates of buying mobile phones in our country, you can easily calculate how many people want to benefit from this type of loan. In addition, there are so many purchases before marriage that after a while there is no limit on cash and no credit card. This loan is life-saving in such cases. As we have stated, since it can be bought at the moment, nobody can complete the shopping easily without being a victim. Generally, the upper limit of this loan is low, but nowadays banks have made these limits to a very high level by making agreements with some stores.

This type of loan is generally used for white goods, furniture, and technological products. Maturities can start from 3 months to 36 months. Since these types of loans are low, you generally do not need to show surety and income documents. Item loan interest rates and repayment terms vary according to banks.

In general, the requirement of all banks to offer property loans is that a person has a fixed, monthly documentable income. In addition, there is a requirement that people who want to use loans must be of age, that is, 18 years old. Of course, as with every loan type, there is no such thing as anyone who provides the above features can get this loan.

Even if the amount of the goods loan is low


The bank that makes the loan should be sure that the person will pay the installments. Consumer loans are exempt from stamp duty in accordance with the Ministry of Finance’s communiqué published in January 2004.

In our country, due to the installment restrictions on some electronic products, the number of other customers who have provided loans in recent years has increased considerably. For this reason, you can now easily buy an electronic item you have been dreaming of for months, the sofa set you will put in the most beautiful corner of your home, and the washing machine that washes kilograms of laundry in a very short time. This loan, which was previously available only through the branch and a thousand procedures, has become easily available with developing credit systems, so you can shop with confidence.

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