Agriculture and livestock are undoubtedly the most talked-about sector in recent years. When talking about agriculture, the most important problem is expressed by everyone. In this context, various applications have been started as the demand has increased and the country has become increasingly dependent on foreign products, and the barriers preventing producers from benefiting from certain state supports have been removed.

In this context, it will be useful to briefly mention the forms, conditions, procedures, and applications of state-sponsored agricultural loans.

State Supported Agricultural Loans

State Supported Agricultural Loans

The state does not only provide a support program but also conducts dozens of different types of funding under various support programs. In this respect, it would be more useful to mention the upper limit of the support provided in the support provided, rather than directly sharing a nominal value. The most advantageous supports currently available for agricultural activities are:

  • Agricultural and Credit Bail Cooperative loan support,
  • A 7-year agricultural loan with 2 years grace period,
  • Young Farmer Project,
  • Agricultural irrigation support,

Agricultural and Credit Bail Cooperative Credit Support

Agricultural and Credit Bail Cooperative Credit Support

In accordance with the protocol prepared in cooperation with Good Finance Bank and Agricultural Credit Surety Cooperatives, producers have been able to use loans with very low or no interest rates. For controlled greenhouse agriculture, up to 10 million USD, seedlings, saplings, ornamental plants, and domestic certified seed production are provided with zero-interest loans.

Again, farmers who want to invest in modernization with modern pressure irrigation techniques are given zero interest credit support up to 1 million 500 thousand USD.

Applications of producers who want to take advantage of this loan are accepted by the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Cooperatives for the next year. It will be possible to benefit from support in 2019 based on loan applications submitted until December 31, 2018.

2-Year 7 Year Term Credit

Again, this loan, which can be allocated through Good Finance Bank, has made it possible to meet the long-term cash needs with a very low-interest rate of 0.41% per month. There is no need to make any payments within the first 2 years after the loan is allocated, loan payments will start from the 24th month and will continue until the 60th month. Farmers who want to take advantage of this loan facility should go to Good Finance Bank branches and follow the procedures.

Young Farmer Support

Young Farmer Support

The ministry, which took action upon the increase in migration from village to city, and activities such as agriculture and animal husbandry started not to be carried out within the country, implemented the support of young farmers within the scope of the reverse migration plan. Within the scope of the Young Farmer project, if the young people between the ages of 18 and 41 return to their village where they are registered, it is made possible to receive a grant of 30 thousand USD from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock.

In addition to the grant of 30 thousand USD, depending on which province and district farming will be done, varying amounts of credit can be used. Within the scope of the National Agriculture Project, support is provided to people who want to cultivate in each country suitable for agriculture, if they will produce various products. In order to learn the supported elements in the district, it is necessary to visit the website of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock.

Agricultural Irrigation Support

Within the scope of the agricultural irrigation support project, which is one of the most comprehensive projects prepared for the correct and efficient use of resources, 50% of the expenditures for modernization has started to be covered by the state. To take advantage of this opportunity:

  • The CCS registration has been completed,
  • Drip silencing system will be installed,
  • A sprinkler irrigation system will be installed,
  • Micro sprinkler irrigation system will be installed,
  • Subsurface drip irrigation system will be installed,
  • Linear or center pivot irrigation system will be installed,
  • The solar irrigation system should be installed.

Which irrigation technique will be used depends on the farmer’s preference, but grants cannot be used for other irrigation techniques.

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